Dr. Katherine Anarde

Assistant Professor
Dept of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
BA: Geology (Geophysics), University of Colorado Boulder
PhD: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University 
Favorite wave: Crowd wave



PhD Students

Thomas Thelen

Projects: Drivers and impacts of chronic coastal flooding
BS: Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Favorite landform: Sand dune




Ryan McCune

Projects: TinyML for flood identification, road network analysis
BS: Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware




MS Students

Alexis Van Blunk

Project: Contributions of bay-side breaches to barrier evolution
BS: Environmental Engineering, University of Notre Dame
Favorite marine animal: Orca 




Undergraduate Researchers

Harper McCraw

Project: Sunny Day Flooding Project





Joe Bolewitz

Project: Sunny Day Flooding Project





Jasmine Hayden-Lowe

Project: Sunny Day Flooding Project